EUDR Compliance

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Recognizing your challenges for EUDR compliance


Your product is made from resources coming from various suppliers​

Your product is associated to thousands of plots all around the globe

Efficient processing

One subscription fits all​​

The askEarth proprietary software architecture allows for highly cost-efficient monitoring of large areas​​​​


The raw material is mixed right after arriving at your factories​​

You need to know compliance before the material arrives at your factory ​​​

Fast results

Your queries answered within moments​​

The askEarth proprietary algorithms process the requested data on-demand and return results immediately​​​​


You are the final part of the supply chain ordering world-wide

The solution needs to seamlessly integrate with your ERP system​​​

Direct embedding

Automated system seamlessly integrated​​

The askEarth API directly integrates into your IT systems and automatically reports to the EU authorities​​

We cover the full journey, fully automated

Once the initial implementation is done, everything will work fully automatically

1. Start with your existing product data

2. We fill any missing data directly from your suppliers

3 a). We certify your products to meet the regulations

3 b). In case of any discrepancies, we warn you immediately

4. We send the final reports straight to your ERP and the EU's reporting system.

Quick implementation

Getting started with us is both cost- and time-effective


Assess state at cut-off date

- Classify forest at cut-off date for your areas of interest
- Keep suppliers of lower forest types


Real-time monitoring

- Monitor forest degradation to comply with EUDR
- Monitor illegal logging to comply with local regulations


Fully automatic access

- Seamless integration into your workflow
- Automatic monitoring for compliance
- Front-end allows your employees to intuitively interact with the collected data

An intuitive UI for everyone

With our dashboard you can view your sustainability efforts, track your product sourcing from forest to factory in real-time, and dive into detailed reports with a single click! It's not just a dashboard; it's peace of mind, ensuring that every piece of lumber is sourced responsibly, meeting the strictest EUDR standards. This is the power of information — elegant, efficient, and always at your fingertips.

Dashboard of askEarth's frontend for EUDR compliance showing graphs and analyses.

EUDR compliance in short

Brush up on any details on EUDR compliance here


"relevant products"

products listed in Annex I that contain, have been fed with or have been made using relevant commodities;​



the conversion of forest to agricultural use, whether human-induced or not;​


"forest degradation"

structural changes to forest cover, taking the form of the conversion of:​
(a) primary forests or naturally regenerating forests into plantation forests or into other wooded land; or​
(b) primary forests into planted forests;​


"primary forest"

naturally regenerated forest of native tree species, where there are no clearly visible indications of human activities and the ecological processes are not significantly disturbed;​


"naturally regenerating forest"

forest predominantly composed of trees established through natural regeneration; it includes any of the following:​
(a) forests for which it is not possible to distinguish whether planted or naturally regenerated;​
(b) forests with a mix of naturally regenerated native tree species and planted or seeded trees, and where the naturally regenerated trees are expected to constitute the major part of the growing stock at stand maturity;​
(c) coppice from trees originally established through natural regeneration;​
(d) naturally regenerated trees of introduced species;​


"planted forest"

forest predominantly composed of trees established through planting and/or deliberate seeding, provided that the planted or seeded trees are expected to constitute more than 50 % of the growing stock at maturity; it includes coppice from trees that were originally planted or seeded;​


"plantation forest"

a planted forest that is intensively managed and meets, at planting and stand maturity, all the following criteria: one or two species, even age class, and regular spacing; it includes short rotation plantations for wood, fibre and energy, and excludes forests planted for protection or ecosystem restoration, as well as forests established through planting or seeding, which at stand maturity resemble or will resemble naturally regenerating forests;​


"other wooded land"

land not classified as ‘forest’ spanning more than 0,5 hectares, with trees higher than 5 metres and a canopy cover of 5 to 10 %, or trees able to reach those thresholds in situ, or with a combined cover of shrubs, bushes and trees above 10 %, excluding land that is predominantly under agricultural or urban land use;​



(a) that the relevant products contain, have been fed with or have been made using, relevant commodities that were produced on land that has not been subject to deforestation after 31 December, 2020; and​
(b) in the case of relevant products that contain or have been made using wood, that the wood has been harvested from the forest without inducing forest degradation after 31 December, 2020;​


"plot of land"

land within a single real-estate property, as recognised by the law of the country of production, which enjoys sufficiently homogeneous conditions to allow an evaluation of the aggregate level of risk of deforestation and forest degradation associated with relevant commodities produced on that land;​



the geographical location of a plot of land described by means of latitude and longitude coordinates corresponding to at least one latitude and one longitude point and using at least six decimal digits; for plots of land of more than four hectares used for the production of the relevant commodities other than cattle, this shall be provided using polygons with sufficient latitude and longitude points to describe the perimeter of each plot of land;​